Bank Charges Details (GST applicable as per rules)

Demand Draft - Payorder Issue Charges
Payorder (Payslip) Charge Free
Demand Draft of HDFC Bank Free
Up to Rs.5000 Rs.28.00
Rs.5001 to Rs.10000 Rs.50.00
Rs.10001 to Rs.100000 Rs.55.00
Above Rs.100000 (Per thousand)
Min.Rs.404 & Max.Rs.15000
Demand Draft Cancellation Charges
Demand Draft HDFC Rs.100 + (Service Tax)
Demand Draft State Bank Of Patiala Rs.112.00 + (Service Tax)
Outward Bills Collection Charges
Rs.1 to Rs.1999 Rs.20.00
Rs.2000 to Rs.6999 Rs.25.00
Rs.7000 to Rs.10000 Rs.30.00
Rs.10001 to Rs.28000 Rs.35.00
Above Rs.28000 - (Per thousand) Rs.1.25
R.T.G.S. Charges
Rs.1 to Rs.500000 Free
Above Rs.500000 Free
N.E.F.T. Charges
Rs.1 to ,1000 Free
Rs.1,001 to Rs.1,00,000 Free
Rs.1,00,001 to Rs.1,99,999 Free
Above Rs.2,00,000 Free
Chequebook Charges For Transaction Accounts
Per one cheque Rs.3.00
Clearing Return Charge
Cheque Return Charge (Inward) upto Rs.100000 Rs.250.00
Above Rs.100000 (Per thousand) Rs.2.50
ECS Return Charge
Cheque Return Charge (Inward) upto Rs.100000 Rs.250.00
Above Rs.100000 (Per thousand) Rs.2.50
Account Statment Charge
Second time Statment charge (minimum) Rs.15.00
Statment Per page Rs.2.00
Service Charge in Advances Transaction Accounts
Rs.25 Per month (25x6) Rs.150.00
Incidental Charge (For Hypo/BDCC/CC/SODP/FDOD),(Every 6 months)
Loan amount Rs.100000 to Rs.200000 Rs.600.00
Loan amount Rs.200001 to Rs.500000 Rs.900.00
Loan amount Rs.500001 to Rs.1000000 Rs.1250.00
Loan amount Rs.1000001 to Rs.2500000 Rs.2000.00
Loan amount Rs.2500000 to Rs.5000000 Rs.2500.00
Loan amount Above Rs.5000000 Rs.3000.00
Loan against FDOD (Minimum) Rs.200.00
Loan against FDOD (Maximum) Rs.1000.00
Debit/Credit per Entry Rs.1.00
Deposit Cash Charge for passing cheque
Upto Rs.10000 (minimum) Rs.20.00
Above Rs.10000 (Per thousand) Rs.2.00
Charges Against Uncleared Effect
Interest @ 15.00 % per annum. Minimum. Rs.20.00
Bank Gaurantee
Bank Gaurantee charge 1%
Bank Solvency charge
Up to 1 lakh Rs.200.00
Maximum Rs.500.00
Duplicate passbook charge Rs.10.00
Cheque stop payment Charge Free
Current Minimum Balance (Incidental Charge) Free
Bank Balance Certificate charge Free
Imps Service Free
Internet Banking View Free
ATM Rupay Card Free