The Navnirman Co-op. Bank Ltd. was established in the year 1970. It started its banking activity under the leadership of Shri I. A. Patel, Shri N. B. Patel, Shri V. M. Chaudhari and Shri P. A. Patel. To fulfill the banking facilities of our customers, we have opened ten branches in Ahmedabad in different areas. All our branches are fully computerized.

Dividend is paid @ 15 %. And we are paying Rs.5000/- to the heirs of deceased shareholder.

Our Bank has given donations to Charitable Institutions, Educational and Medical Centers and has always extended a helping hand to the Handicapped.

Established on 4-12-1970
Reg. No. S/11053 Year 1970

Reserve Bank license No. UBD Gujarat 1221 P dated 14-3-1996


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